Our Vendors


10 Speed Coffee
Starting a ride or coming off the mountain there is no better thing to do but connect with your community over a great cup of 10 Speed Coffee and friendly atmosphere.

Hot Lips Soda
With soft bubbles and light effervescence, the magnificent fruit is what you taste, its all-natural velvety texture is what you feel. This is our passion.

Our trademark recipes contain the unfiltered goodness of their natural ingredients. So up-ending the bottle before enjoying is always in order, to enjoy a fuller, more invigorating taste that is ‘once tasted, never forgotten’.


Columbia Gorge Organic
Nobody makes purer juices or better blends than CoGo™. We grow most of our juicing fruit right here on the farm, and source our other ingredients from only reputable organic suppliers.

We choose only the finest fresh herbs, roots, spices and fruits to make our brews. We won’t let sugar, preservatives or artificial anything spoil Reed’s natural taste.


Diestel Turkey
Our family is dedicated to a sustainable method of farming. Since the founding of our ranch, we’ve been committed to the philosophy that our operation should be managed in harmony with the animals, the environment, and the community. Our practices should enrich the soil, support multiple species of animals, and allow future generations to enjoy the same healthy farm that was established in 1949.

applegate logo web
At Applegate our mission is to Change the Meat We Eat.
By that we mean making good meat – the kind that’s raised humanely without antibiotics and hormones – accessible to as many people as possible.

SP Provisions
SP Provisions has been supplying the Pacific Northwest with a complete line of locally sourced, sustainable meat products, spices, oils and frozen foods for over four generations.


The Shepherds Grain
Shepherd’s Grain is growing a positive economic future for regional farmers and a healthier planet for everyone by revolutionizing the way grains are grown and sold. Our farmers do less to the soil so that nature can do more.


Lift a glass to the Pfriem family of artisinal beers­­. Rife with complexity and elegance, influenced by the great brewers of Belgium, but unmistakably true to their homegrown roots in the Great Pacific Northwest.

Naked Winery
At Naked Winery, “We aim to Tease”! We are on a mission to produce premium class Oregon and Washington wines, with exotic brands and provocative back labels that are just a bit risqué. We strive to change the conversation and encourage you to set the mood of fun and romance.

Solera Brewery
Solera Brewery
Solera Brewery is the neighborhood watering hole in Parkdale but draws plenty of apres-skiing revelers, too.


The Pines Vineyard
The Pines Vineyard, located in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge has been producing quality wine grapes for more than a century. Our family’s passion for the grape is clear with every bottle of our exquisite, limited production, boutique wines.

anthem cider
Anthem Cider
Cider true to form; only whole apples pressed & fermented.
Cider true to character; dominant notes of fermented apple with the tart presence of the apple’s natural malic acid.


Blue Bus Cultured foods
We make raw, live, naturally fermented vegetable products.


Tumbleweed Farm
We grow a diverse assortment of vegetables for our CSA, local farmers markets and restaurants. Our produce is always picked fresh and grown without the use of chemical sprays or fertilizers.

“We stopped by on our tour of the gorge and Mt. Hood and couldn’t have been more satisfied. We each ordered the half sandwich and it was more than enough. It was delicious and you could tell easily that all of the ingredients were fresh.
We would highly recommend this great spot for lunch.”
– Howard K. from Smyrna, GA